The Safe WeHo Leadership Council is a Hospitality Resource Panel that will focus on evaluating and implementing environmental strategies that reduce alcohol-related problems in West Hollywood, including drinking and driving, traffic crashes, violence, injuries and crime. Through training and technical assistance from IPS, the Safe WeHo Leadership Council will help identify and promote a combination of evidence-based strategies, promising practices and other creative ways to reduce alcohol-related problems that are most beneficial to West Hollywood.

The sale and service of alcohol in West Hollywood are vital contributors to the economy and culture. However, overconsumption of alcohol and/or over service of alcohol can also contribute to large-scale public safety problems in communities. There are more on-sale alcohol outlets (where people consume alcohol on the premises of the business) per capita in West Hollywood than in any other city or community in Los Angeles County. Because the density of alcohol outlets in West Hollywood is so high, the existing and potential public-safety impacts are greatly amplified. There are ways to mitigate such problems that have proven to work in other communities throughout the U.S. However, not every approach will be appropriate in West Hollywood, given the unique nature of the community.

The West Hollywood Hospitality Resource Panel consists of representatives from the hospitality industry, such as bar and restaurant owners and managers; enforcement officials, such as the Sheriff’s Department, California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, Code Enforcement and Public Safety; and other stakeholders, including the Chamber of Commerce.

Beginning in February 2016, the Safe WeHo Leadership Council will meet every other month to help implement the alcohol-problem prevention strategies identified by the group. The Council will ultimately make recommendations to City Council.

If you are interested in serving on the Safe WeHo Leadership Council please Contact Us.